Swiffer WetJet Extra Power Pad with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

With two kids and two cats, our cherry hardwood floors are always a mess. We are constantly at war with pet hair, crumbs, spills and dust. We have a spray mop we’ve been using for a few years, but the moment we try and put some elbow grease into the sweep, the mop part detaches from the pole. It’s frustrating, because it doesn’t allow us to clean as thoroughly as we would like.


I was excited to try the Swiffer WetJet Extra Power Pad with the Scrubbing Power of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Especially the Magic Eraser part – it is built right into the power pads. I was also excited to try this on my wood floors – I had no idea you could use swiffer cleaner on wood.


This is how the mop comes right out of the box. The individual pieces are threaded with rope, so assembly was as easy as snapping everything into place.


The mop base features a scrubber attached to the base and built-in spray heads. The spray is operated by an electronic button. I like that there is a loop at the end for easy wall-hanging. The mop worked pretty well once I found the right balance between spray and mopping area to ensure that there was no streaking. The mop comes with the multi-purpose cleaner which you can use on wood, but they also sell one specifically for wood. I’d like to give that solution a try. My favorite feature of this mop is that it won’t fall apart with pressure.

There are a few things I didn’t like about this mop. First, you can only use it with Swiffer cleaner and power pads. I like to have the freedom to refill with whatever cleaning solution I prefer, and to use a reusable/washable pad. But if you’re buying the Swiffer, you know the deal going in. Second, this mop is battery powered. You can’t operate the spraying mechanism without batteries. And you have to remove the cleaner to get to the battery compartment. People with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome might appreciate this battery powered mechanism, but to me this is a pain.


If you’re not a fan of the Magic Eraser, you’ve never used one. It really is magic. Whenever all other products fail us, this cleaning tool almost always saves the day. I’ve used it to clean scuff marks on floors, crayon marks from furniture, and I even recently saw a tip on Pinterest that suggested dropping one in the toilet to remove that nasty ring. The new Mr. Clean Magic Eraser select-a-size is great – you can pick the most appropriate size based on your needs.

The Swiffer Wet Jet Starter System is just under $20.00 and the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser select-a-size is less than $7.00.

We received a complimentary sample to facilitate our candid review. 



  1. Sarah L says

    No kids, no dogs, no wood floors. I make my own cleaners since I don’t like the chemicals in most products. I also don’t like the swiffer because I can’t use my cleaners.

  2. Michelle jadaa says

    I have the same color floors and 3 cats 2 dogs and a teenager with his friends lol.I bought a floormate for deep cleaning and a dyson stick vac for everyday.I have a generic micro cloth mop and use a spray bottle for cleaning.

  3. says

    I love Magic Erasers! They have been my lifesaver on numerous occasions. I wonder if we have the same mop (the one you used before this Swiffer) as the mop head is always coming off the one we have as well. Annoying!

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