RejuvaHealth Compression Legwear Review

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Sore back, swollen feet, insatiable appetite- ah, the joys of pregnancy.  It’s truly luck of the draw as to which symptom(s) each women goes through, and it can vary greatly each separate pregnancy.  Lucky me, this pregnancy I had the new symptom of very sore feet.  Sore as in at the end of the day my feet felt like balloons (but luckily still looked normal).  This lasted a few weeks and nothing seemed to help.  And the main apparent source of relief – staying off my feet – was a no go.  So I was thrilled to try out some RejuvaHealth compression legwear to wear to work and see if they helped.

I was very happy that these looked quite different than what I had envisioned compression socks to look like (i.e. beige and dowdy).  How cute is the purple polka dot print?!

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These graduated compression socks can help to mediate leg discomfort, reduce feelings of heaviness & tiredness and relieve swelling.  Sign me up.

Here is a close-up of the design/style I received:



Here are some of the Rejuvahealth compression legwear features:

  • Available in the 15-20 mmHg support level
  • Graduated compression promotes healthy legs
  • Reciprocated heel & toe + contoured leg design
  • Multi-dimensional stretch elasticity for easy application & removal
  • Luxurious fiber blend designed for all-day comfort
  • Fashion pattern knit integrally into the garment
  • Material Composition: 75% nylon, 25% spandex
  • Latex Free, FDA-listed, Made in Taiwan
  • Designed in California by RejuvaHealth.

They look and work just like regular dress socks I would wear under my workpants plus and the added health benefit = a win win.

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Available online at RejuvaHealth for $29.99.  Be sure to check out their full line of knee highs, thigh highs, socks, leggings and pantyhose in adorable designer patterns.

Sample was received for review.

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  1. I had some big old cankles when I was pregnant. I bet these would have helped!!

  2. They look cute! My legs were so swollen with both pregnancies, like big ol’ drumsticks!

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