Photoshop Elements 11 Review

PhotoshopElements11BoxShot.jpg.300x455_q100In college I majored in Graphic Design. Photoshop was one of the first computer programs I learned and it’s the only program I feel comfortable using when it comes to photo-editing and graphic design. I’m dating myself here-but since the late 90s, I’ve been using the student version of Photoshop 5.5, which is installed on our old PC which rarely gets used. Because it is. So. Slow.

I need something that I can access from my MacBook Pro for quick projects. I tried many of the free programs available online that claim to do all that Photoshop can, but in one way or another, they either don’t live up to the claims or they are not user friendly.

Maybe it’s because I have a history with Photoshop, but to me Photoshop Elements 11 is so easy to use. What took me hours on a copycat program takes me minutes with this program. Whether you’re designing for your blog or for an advertiser, or you’re looking to improve photographs or make your own greeting cards, this is a great program that anyone can learn to use.

Proven by the fact that this is Adobe’s No. 1 selling consumer photo-editing software.

Photoshop Elements 11 has three different editing modes, allowing users to select from Quick, Guided and Expert editing settings. Recently for my blog I made a few linky buttons and added a google plus icon. I can’t wait to make photo collages and get back into digital scrapbooking. I thought I needed to spend hundred of dollars on the full version of Photoshop, but for my current needs, Elements 11 more than covers anything I might need to accomplish. At least for now.

The Elements Organizer automatically analyzes photos and videos. Just like with iPhoto, I can organize photos by place, face and event. But I’m going to transfer all of my images here now because it can do so much more with them and everything will be located in one convenient place. There are templates already built into the system so I can easily create a collage, photo book, greeting card and so much more, and I can also quickly share with integrated social media links.

Photoshop Elements 11 is available for under $80.00. Visit this page for more information and to purchase.

We received a complimentary copy of Photoshop Elements 11 to facilitate our candid review.



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    I purchased that software and I think it is still gathering dust on my desk somewhere! I never got into it enough to feel comfortable using it. I need a “For Dummies” book to get started!

    • says

      Oh no! The good thing about Photoshop products is that even if you don’t have a design history, you can learn if you have time. There are TONS of tutorials all over the web.

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