Personalized Lunch Boxes from Frecklebox (Review)

freckleboxIs your name on that?  If you got it from Frecklebox, it is.  What child doesn’t enjoy an item that they can call their own and most importantly, that they don’t have to share with a brother or sister? 

Frecklebox offers a great range of custom personalized gifts for children.  So, no worries if your child does not have a common name like Mary or Tom.  Maybe it’s not their name at all, but a nickname or a pet name they like to go by.  The products offered at Frecklebox include personalized party favors, school supplies, books, and even art.  There are items to fit every child’s personality, with whatever personalization he or she requires. 

What I love about the website is that it is interactive.  You can actually view what the product will look like once it is personalized.  I suppose it is another measure of catching a dreaded typo, but it is also great just to visualize the product to make sure it will look exactly the way you’d imagined to ensure that your gift will be a big hit.

meow-max-personalized-lunch-box030I’ve ordered several items from Frecklebox over the past year including a growth chart and a storybook.  This time, I selected an adorable lunchbox for Emma.  The most difficult part about the entire process is always in deciding on a single design, since there are so many great looking options to choose from.  Ultimately, I decided on the Meow Max Lunch Box.

I customized the lunchbox with my daughter’s name.  We have two cats at home which is why I decided on Meow Max.  It’s a super cute design and Emma’s name is featured on all four sides of the lunchbox.  It’s the standard metal lunchbox design that I remember using as a kid.  I’m glad they’re back!  We’ll probably use this to store her little toys for now, and if it can last through all of her abuse maybe we will use it as a lunchbox some day. 

We just love the quality and service that Frecklebox offers.  Even though the company is located on the opposite coast, our items have always arrived quickly and safely.  I’m confident enough to say that you won’t be disappointed with anything you order from Frecklebox!

No compensation was received for this post. This Product Was a Free Giveaway in order to provide my honest opinion.


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