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Ever since I gained the dreaded freshmen fifteen, I’ve been concerned with weight loss. I’ve counted calories, exercised (sometimes to an extreme), and even starved myself. Not something I’m proud of. From that time in my life when I became insanely thin, I started a slow gain to where I am now. Unhealthy and unhappy.

I tend to go between the two extremes, neither healthy, with difficult-to-follow fad diets that exclude food groups. I knew this rapid weight-loss and weight-gain wasn’t good for my health, but I never really considered how much my diet was aging me. While I, in my mid 30′s still consider myself young, I am well aware of all of the new wrinkles and gray hairs.


There are so many foods that can help us be healthy and look younger. I wouldn’t mind being thin and young again! It makes perfect sense, as do the contents of 7 Years Younger, The Anti-Aging Breakthrough Diet. I received the hardcover diet book and workbook the other day, and these are some highlights.


What to Eat, and Why
Inside you’ll find not only common sense advice instructing us to eat more vegetables, beans, whole grains, fruit, fish and lean proteins, but also why and how it’s helpful to our weight-loss plights, our health and our youth. Many diet books give you an eating and drinking guideline, but few go this in-depth.

What to Avoid
I’ve recently become more aware of sugar. In the past I looked mostly at the fat and carbs on the label, but sugar is bad. Oh so bad. Foods like sugar, alcohol and refined grains that promote weight gain and -gasp- age you! Who knew? This is an entirely new way to look at things.


It’s all about Balance
Those fad diets are no good. Just after I had Ryan I wanted to lose weight fast and went on a low-carb diet. I liked how fast the weight came off, but once I started eating things containing flour it came right on back. It also aggravated an ongoing health problem which caused me so much pain.

I liked that in the Ask the Expert section, the nurse advised that if you do have a bad meal, just get right back on track the next day. This really hit home for me because when my willpower fails me I go awol and there really is no need for that. Not depriving yourself is the key to success.


If  You Bite it, Write it
When I first saw that I received two books, I thought that they were just hard and soft cover version. Not so. The workbook is smaller, easy to carry guide book with lots of great tips. There are quizzes, shopping lists, sample meal plans and pages to track your eating. There is even a section in there to help you identify details about your day that may provide clues to help improve eating patterns. Writing it when you bite it is the other big key to success.

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  1. I don’t know about this, I don’t get into all those new diets

  2. What an interesting concept! We spend so much time worrying about serums and creams, but often forget that what we put into our bodies is just as, if not more important.

  3. Tracie Trump says:

    this book would be a great gift for my mom and sisters

  4. Kimberley O says:

    It’s important to remember that food is just as essential as the beauty products you use!

  5. judy gardner says:

    i never thought about food aging you – interesting!

  6. Tracie Trump says:

    Love to find heathier snack options

  7. I like real sugar.

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