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Whether the kids are playing on their own or with friends over for a playdate, they always at some point find themselves playing dress-up. I don’t know a kid who doesn’t enjoy pretending to be something or someone special, using their imagination to reinvent themselves.

We have many dresses and accessories that turn Emma into a princess, a fairy or a mermaid, but when I told Emma that Just Pretend Kids would like her to choose an outfit, she went with the pink princess. A little lady can never have to many princess dresses, apparently!

child_pink_princess_front_2Emma currently owns four other princess costumes that she is outgrowing fast, and one that we bought her for Christmas that has a lot of room to grow. We were excited to get another larger costume that she could grow into and went with the largest size available in an 8. It fits her pretty well, aside from the arms which she complains are too tight. It’s a shame but I think we’re going to have to cut off the sleeves because otherwise she won’t wear it. Maybe I can somehow save the puff sleeves, or take it to a seamstress to take out the arms?


For a size 8 large, the dress doesn’t have quite as much room as I thought it would since she’s currently in size 7 clothes. I can barely zip up the back, so I’m not sure she’ll still fit into it by the end of this year.


The details on this dress are quite beautiful. There is embroidery, sequins, and beautiful use of fabrics and trim. And it’s pink, pink, pink! Any little girl that loves pink and fancy will absolutely love the pink princess dress.

This dress is $59.99 and available in sizes 2-8. It comes with a fabric choker and a hoop skirt. There are a ton of other costumes available at Just Pretend Kids, both for boys and girls.


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  1. It’s really cute, but definitely good to know that it runs small.

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