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How many times have you felt that sting while deodorizing after shaving? Ouch, that hurts! I have very sensitive skin, whether it be my legs or bikini line, I have a history of cuts, break outs and bumps as a result of shaving. It took me years to find a good balance between the razor, shaving cream and water ratios.

As you know, the skin under the armpits is a very sensitive area. If there is something I hate more than the sting I get when applying deodorant under my arms, it’s my skin’s reaction to it. Even if it’s smooth right after shaving, those tiny red bumps populate the area once coated with deodorant.

I can’t wait to try Dove® Advanced Care with Nutrium Moisture™ deodorant. The new deodorant repairs and nourishes sensitive underarm skin, while offering 48-hour protection.

This year join Dove® Deodorant in changing the way we care for their armpit. Shaving is a harsh but necessary part of beauty routines. To fix the damage done by a razor and restore beauty, simply use Dove® Deodorant NutriumMositure™ after shaving to heal and protect sensitive skin.

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  1. I always use Dove deodorant. I have sensitive under arms and it is the only one that doesn’t give me a rash.

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