Good Cat Food: How We Love Our Kitties

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My first babies were born with lots of fur. Kevin and I had been married for a little over a year, and while we weren’t ready to start having babies, we were ready for a family and that’s what Winston and Spencer offered us. I remember the moment we first saw the brothers in the adoption center at the back of the pet store. At the time they were only eight weeks old! We stocked up on all of the items we needed and many that we didn’t: Litter and box, cat food, toys and treats galore.

Cute and cuddly, they filled our hearts with love. They were so playful, which upped the cuteness factor times a million. Once they wore themselves out, they snuggled up together, usually right on top of me. We spoiled them rotten, and they showed us love right back.

Good Cat Food: How We Love Our Kitties #GoodLifePet

I’d never had a cat in the family before, so I didn’t know all that much about them in general but I did know that our cats were different. Winston was the cool cat. He did all sorts of funny things, like fetch a ball. And I’d never seen a cat pant before, either. He’s so funny!

Good Cat Food: How We Love Our Kitties #GoodLifePet

Spencer was less independent. We call him the baby because it took a long time for him to lose his baby face. He’s often found sleeping on his back, and when he puts his paws together it looks like he’s praying. Even to this day, he calls to us in the middle of the night. He likes to be around us as much as possible, and of course he loves to eat! He’s more like a typical cat. Here’s a funny cat video I made a few years ago featuring them both.

These days our human babies keep us quite busy. We still love Wincie and Spencie very much, but they don’t get as much one on one attention as they used to. So we make sure to spoil them by feeding them delicious and nutritious meals and treats. And they love us for it.

Good Cat Food: How We Love Our Kitties #GoodLifePet

When they were first adopted, we spent a ton of money on very high end Science Diet, but after comparing a few brands I realize now that we wasted our money. GOODLIFE™ dry food for cats blows away the other brands.

Good Cat Food: How We Love Our Kitties #GoodLifePet

It’s the only brand that meets all of the following high standards: Real chicken or salmon as #1 ingredient, contains fruits and veggies, no corn, soy or wheat, no artificial flavors or preservatives. This really is the best you can buy and it doesn’t cost a small fortune either.

Good Cat Food: How We Love Our Kitties #GoodLifePet

Yum! Our “kitties” love this new cat food and I’m so glad we found out about how good-for-them it is. When you find something they love to eat that’s good for them, you’ve found a winner. Before you head to the store, print yourself a coupon for $1 off GOODLIFE™ products.




  1. shelleyb says

    Great photos! Amazing how many cat food options available these days. Nice to hear of one that is liked.

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