Get Organized with Space Bag Storage Totes – Give Away!

In preparing for the baby’s arrival, we’ve lost an entire room full of storage.  The guest room has been transformed into the nursery and the extra bedroom we’d been using as a catch-all room is slowly becoming the new guest room.  The question is, where do I put all the stuff?

After giving away a bed in order to make room, we’re left with tons of extra queen-size bedding.  And with the summer months approaching, the heavy comforters we used all winter need to be stored away. I realized just how much space the bedding was taking up, and figured this was the perfect way to test out the High Capacity Storage Tote by Space Bag.

I’ve seen these bags advertised on television many times before, but I never took the plunge. Pack and vacuum. Could it really be that easy? Me and my adorable helper were put to the task to find out.

We filled the bag to the stop line. All in all I fit two queen size comforters, a duvet cover, pillow shams and a bed skirt.

Then it was easy as zip and vacuum. And we fastened the straps.  The bag needed a little extra vacuuming before it would zip all the way.

And viola!

I’m gonna need a few more of these! Such a better alternative to storage bins, because the vacuum seal reduces its size significantly.  Items are air-tight and waterproof.  The clear packaging allows me to identify what’s inside and i can still stack the totes just as I would with bins.


Win a Space Bag High Capacity Storage Tote! (US Only – Ends 5/8)

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  1. Jeanne B.T. says

    I need the bags to strore bedding and pillows that my 2 adult daughters have stored at my house because they don’t have room for it in their apartments. lol – Then I could have my guestroom back. Thanks for the chance. :)

  2. Eileen says

    We need to store camping bedding during the winter, and winter quilts during the summer! ;)

    thank you!

  3. Marci says

    I have lots and lots of bedding that is taking up way too much space the bags would be perfect for!

  4. Donna Marie says

    I would use it for clothes. We are lacking storage space in our house and this would be really helpful.

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