Fruit of the Loom Menswear Review


I was a former athlete at the college level in baseball and football and I go to the gym 5 times a week consistently. Sweat outfits are my uniform, whether I’m heading to the gym, doing work around the house, or going to bed. As I’m sure you can also attest to, they are far more comfortable than jeans.

pantsJust recently I was presented with the opportunity to try the new Fruit of the Loom Men’s Elastic Hem Fleece sweat pants. As I wore them, I noticed the waist band was thicker than other sweatpants I’ve worn in the past. I think it made them more comfortable and secure. The draw string was also thicker, which felt more comfortable when I tied them as well. The Men’s Elastic Hem Fleece Pants fabric was thicker than other brands and subsequently was more relaxing, especially in the winter. These sweatpants were awesome and passed my wear tests with flying colors. It is my professional opinions that these fleece pants were of better quality than their rivals at a very similar cost. I WILL be purchasing more. Try them you will love them as I do!

ziphoodAlso, I had the opportunity to try the Men’s Fleece Full Zip Hood and the Men’s Fleece Pullover Hood. As with their sweatpants, both tops were made of quality material, thick hood string and the zipper was larger and sturdier than other zipper hoods I’ve used. I had the same results as the sweatpants, great quality and better comfort overall.


I really enjoyed reviewing the Fruit of the Loom sweat outfits. They are made of much better quality and comfort than other brands. I really don’t have anything adverse to say about this product. The Fruit of the Loom sweat outfits are a definite winner in the marketplace.

Samples were received for consideration.

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Kevin is Heather's other half, here to offer a viewpoint from the male perspective. He's a project manager by day, and enjoys family time after work and on weekends. When he has free time, you'll find him working out at the gym and checking team scores. As a self-proclaimed sports enthusiast, his favorite teams are the New Jersey Devils, New York Yankees, and Pittsburgh Steelers.


  1. My husband would use the sweatshirts. He wears them when he goes to the gym.

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