Crizal® No-Glare, No-Nonsense Lenses – WIN a $25 Visa Gift Card!

I always wonder how people wear glasses all the time.  In the rain, wind, snow and sun.  I did away with wearing glasses full time before I became a teenager.  I just couldn’t put up with wearing glasses all the time.  There are days though where I feel that my eyes need a break, and I do wear glasses at night.

What I want to know is, where has Crizal been all my life?  I’d always bought that anti-reflective coating for my eyeglasses, but Crizal® No-Glare lenses go a step further by reducing glare, scratches, smudges, dust and even water. Talk about seeing clearly!

These lenses have definitely peaked my interest.  So much so that I took the interactive tour – and it helps that it’s set in Paris.  Really cool.

You can connect with Crizal on their facebook page, and they even have a fun game you can play there.

GIVEAWAY! Crizal has offered one lucky reader a $25 Visa Gift Card! (12/19)



  1. Angela Cisco says

    I like that they are no glare, I have a lot of trouble driving in the dark because of the glare on my glassed.

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