VTech® InnoTab MAX {Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway}

We’ve owned a fair amount of VTech toys over the years, from toy cars to watches and tablets. Last year we decided to buy my oldest an Innotab 3s but she quickly lost interest. I’m unsure of the exact reason but I think the fact that she was already accustomed to playing on the iPad may have had something to do with it. The Innotab Max is a different story entirely. It is the perfect marriage between kid-friendly and tech savvy.

InnoTab Max Review and Giveaway | GirlGoneMom.com

The InnoTab Max features a 7-inch touch screen with 1024×600 resolution. Built into the device are 18 apps including fun games, coloring apps, ebooks, music and more. If your child wants additional options, and they will, there are fantastic educational games available for purchase which eliminates the need for game cartridges, but you can also purchase games through the network which is a great timesaver. Parents will appreciate the fact that the games themselves are very inexpensive.

You can use the tip of your finger or the attached stylus to navigate and play. There are so may neat features from taking photos to texting that will make your child feel empowered and ready to learn. When we registered the device with the VTech Learning Lodge, we had two credits available which we redeemed for a word search and a pet grooming game.

InnoTab Max Review and Giveaway | GirlGoneMom.com

My kids tend to be hard on their things, and VTech thought of this when designing the InnoTab Max. Firstly, there is a removable cover that will protect the tablet but also serves as a stand, if desired. The stylus came with an attached cord and there is a space on the back for storing it. The HDMI, power cord and the microSD card are protected by silicone covers.

InnoTab Max Review and Giveaway | GirlGoneMom.com

At times the speed can lag for a bit, and my almost 6-year-old can get a little impatient. An SD card can help with that, so I think Santa may stuff her stocking with one this Christmas. Overall, we think this is a fantastic choice for a tablet for kids age 3-9, and at a very reasonable price. It’s available in either pink or blue, and VTech is offering it now for under $100 with free shipping. There is also an Innotab Max bundle available.


One very lucky person will win a VTech InnoTab Max!

Samples for review and giveaway have been provided by VTech.



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