BIC Mark-It Permanent Markers Halloween Craft and Giveaway (3 Winners!)


I’m a party planner at heart.  I absolutely love the small details of an event, and get such joy out of planning parties for my girls.  We recently held a preschool playdate/party for 5 of my daughter’s friends – they all love dressing-up so a Halloween party seemed like a perfect idea!

As soon as I received the packages of BIC Mark-It Permanent Markers (36 pack) and BIC Mark-It Metallic Permanent Markers (8 pack) I knew immediately I wanted to personalized something for the kiddos.



A trip to the Christmas Tree Shops and I had a ton of party supplies and the perfect vessel for the personalization! I wanted to do something quick and these took no time at all!

$1 cups:

photo 1

Plus BIC Mark-It Permanent Markers in Black and Orange =

photo 2

The kids loved having their own cutes.


The possibilities are endless with BIC Mark-It Permanent Markers and BIC Mark-It Metallic Permanent Markers and here are a few more projects BIC has come up with to inspire you:

Pretty Pumpkins

Using BIC Mark-It Metallic Permanent Markers, create patterns like zig zags or polka dots on pumpkins to display on your front porch or in your window! Use masking tape to create straight lines for zig zag or stripe patterns.  For an activity to do with kids, you can use the BIC Mark-It Permanent Markers to help them make faces on the pumpkins. Use them to design Halloween characters such as zombies, witches, black cats, and more!

Boo-tiful Ghosts

Using the BIC permanent marker color of your choice, design a ghost’s eyes and mouth on a piece of white cloth. Insert a foam ball underneath the cloth, making sure the face sits over the surface of the ball and secure with string. Using a tack or adhesive, attach a piece of string into the top of the ghost and hang it up indoors for decoration!

 Ghoul-tastic Masks

Using paper plates, craft scissors and some string, you can help your kids make masks of their favorite Halloween characters, like a mummy or zombie! Carefully cut eyes out of the paper plate using scissors and get creative using all the different color permanent markers BIC has to offer! Cut two holes on each side of the paper plate, measure how much string you will need to fit your child’s head, then tie each end of the string to the two holes. After the masks are complete, let the fun begin!

1 winner
receive the 36 pack of permanent markers and the 8 pack of metallic permanent markers and 2 winners receive the 8-pack metallic permanent markers.

Samples received for consideration.



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